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International Union for Land Value Taxation

The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade (IU) was founded in 1926 with the purpose of promoting improved social conditions in all nations. It was recognized that valuable ideas expressed in the writings of men of insight, such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Henry George, needed to be kept alive , adapted for modern conditions and made available where and when required.

Today the IU consists of an international group of interested people, from various walks of life, who enjoy the challenge of organizing, re- searching and understanding the social and economic forces which can either undermine or restore the quality and stability of life within communities. Fundamental to this is an understanding of the relationship between land tenure and taxation. These ideas are not popular with the large land owners and land speculators who accumulate vast unearned fortunes under present conditions.

The IU encourages the exchange of ideas between individuals, organizations and nations. This is done by the presentation of papers and discussions at conferences, the publication and distribution of books and pamphlets and by the fostering of communication between individuals in different countries.

Nineteen international conferences have been held since 1926. The next conference is being planned for Edinburgh, Scotland, in summer of 2001. For further information go to

Godfrey Dunkley is the current President of the IU. He is author of "That All May Live -- Guidelines Towards a Better Society"

He can be reached by email at