ORIGINS - About the Founder
Earth Rights Institute

Annie Goeke, Founder APGGA

Known as Annie Goeke, she has been a noted leader in the Greens and Peace movement worldwide for over a decade including elected positions in the Green Party such as co-chair of the National Steering Committee, International Committee and a delegate for the Global Greens Coordination. She was a co-founder of Lancaster Greens, Green Party of PA and ASGP.

Over many years, Annie has been involved as a community activist who has promoted green markets, healthy lifestyles and progressive agendas concerning one's community. Besides her green activity, Annie Goeke co-founded a local chapter Women in Black (international peace organization) and co-designed/taught an educational curriculum for educators on peace building in the classroom.

As co-Director of Earth Rights Institute, she has been providing a unique green consultant program in which her principal role is to develop and provide a holistic strategy with sustainable concepts for social enterprises and community development. She is presently working with Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and helping initiate a new international program developing the criteria and certification for sustainable development.

In 2002-2004, Annie Goeke participated in the United Nations World Summit in Johannesburg, World Social Forum 2003 in Porto Alegre, UN CSD11 and 12 in NYC, and WTO in Cancun. She is also an author and lived in numerous countries around the world. She is currently finishing work on the introduction of a TV series, a home style program that presents projects on how to live green.