Land Value Taxation Advisors

Land value taxation shifts the public finance revenue base away from work and wages and onto land and natural resources, thereby securing common heritage benefits for all while furthering incentives for basic needs production. It also recaptures for municipalities gains in land values due to infrastructure spending and community growth.

This equitable, efficient approach to land allocation and conservation is increasingly recognized as necessary to correct the maldistribution of wealth that plagues market economies. Land value taxation has other benefits‹ it curtails sprawl and speculation, encourages economic development in appropriate areas, maximizes efficient use of transportation and other infrastructure, and promotes affordable land access for housing, commerce and farming.

Land Value Taxation Advisors can assist you and your community through all stages of implementation of this policy, including:

  • Initial education and advocacy
  • Land assessments
  • Establishment of accurate land cadastres
  • Creation of specific fiscal instruments to secure the value of common heritage resources for all members of the community
  • Political groundwork to obtain enabling legislation

Land Value Taxation Advisors
149 Madison Ave Ste 601
New York NY 10016
call 1-717-264-0957 (USA)
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Phil Anderson, Chief Economist
Site Rating Group
Melbourne, Australia

William Batt, Ph.D.
Legislative and Fiscal Policy Analyst
New York, USA

Arpad Fay, Executive Director
Hungarian Henry George Society
Budapest, Hungary

Kris Feder, Ph.D., Professor, Research Associate
Bard College & Jerome Levy Economics Institute
New York, USA

Mason Gaffney, Ph.D, Professor of Economics
Author and researcher
University of California
California, USA

Peter Gibb, Coordinator
Land Reform Scotland
Banffshire, Scotland

Ted Gwartney, Executive Director and Assessor
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
New York, USA

Fred Harrison, Director
Centre for Land Policy Studies
London, United Kingdom

Alanna Hartzok & Patricia Aller
United Nations NGO Representatives
International Union for Land Value Taxation
USA and UK

Gang-Soo Jun, Ph.D., Professor of Economics
Catholic University of Taegu Hyosung
South Korea

Mary Rose Kaczorowski, United Nations NGO
Representative, Common Ground USA
Land & Environment Issues, Huairou Commission

Bryan Kavanagh, Director
Land Values Research Group
Melbourne, Australia

Yoon-Sang Kim, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Public Administration
Kyungpook National University
South Korea

Paul A. Martin, International Director
Nicaragua Spanish Schools
Managua, Nicaragua

Peter Meakin, Appraiser and Rating Consultant
Director of New Farm Villages, Inc.
Trustee, Property Rights Foundation
South Africa

Richard Noyes
New Hampshire State Representative,
Legislative Policy Analyst
New Hampshire, USA

Frank Peddle, Ph.D., Executive Director
Canadian Research Committee on Taxation
Ottawa, Canada

James Robertson, Author
New Economics Foundation, Co-Founder
United Kingdom

Tatiana Roskoshnaya, Ph.D., Director
Land and Public Welfare Foundation
St. Petersburg, Russia

Walt Rybeck, Executive Director
Center for Public Dialog
Washington, DC, USA

Hector Sandler, Ph.D., Executive Director
Instituto de Capacitacion Economica
Professor and Senior Researcher,
Instituto de Investigaciones Juridicas y Sociales
'Ambrosio L. Gioja' de la Universidad de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Napoleon A. Saunders
Former City Business Administrator
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Lucy Silfa, Director
Escuela de Ciences Sociales Henry George
Dominican Republic

David Smiley, Research Associate
School of Economic and Financial Studies
Macquarie University

Jeffery J. Smith, President
Geonomy Society
Oregon, USA

Thorkil Sohn, Juris-consult
Justice-liberal Forum
Ulfborg, Denmark

Nicolaus Tideman, Ph.D, Professor of Economics
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Virginia, USA

Tony Vickers
Chartered Land Surveyor
United Kingdom

Joshua Vincent, Executive Director
Center for the Study of Economics
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Land Value Taxation Advisors,
149 Madison Avenue, Suite 601, New York, NY 10016
call 1-717-264-0957 (USA)

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Last modified: 1 September 2005