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Sustainable Economics for the 21st Century

A Five Part Teleseminar Series Now Available for Replay!

Consciousness in its fulfilled, developed state will bring the 'dismal science' of economics to an evolved and higher level - to the status of Enlightened Economics. - Ron Robins

Teleseminar keywords: commons trusts, the wealth divide, earth rights, jubilee laws, the end of poverty, earned versus unearned income, cooperatives, sharing the world’s resources, new land ethic, person/planet finance, ethical markets, new economics, PROUT, resource rent and land value taxation, environmental justice, common assets funds, from war to peace, from crisis to transformation.

Co-Hosts: Alanna Hartzok and Wendell Fitzgerald

Session One: Economics and Conscious Evolution
  • Exploring the relationship of economics to physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • What is “political economics”?
  • Land rights and the person/planet relationship.
  • PROUT’s social psychology and evolution of the social cycle.
  • Guest Presenters: Michael Towsey (Australia) and Acharya Santoshananda (India)
  • Go to:
Session Two: The Wealth Divide
  • Current realities of poverty and economic inequality, both within the US and worldwide.
  • Focus on Africa, enclosures, the “resource curse.”
  • The corruption of economics.
  • The land problem and the “law of rent.”
  • Cooperatives.
  • Guest Presenters: Acharya Maheshvarananda (Venezuela) and Gordon Abiama (Nigeria)
  • Go to:
Session Three: Sharing the Commons
  • Separative consciousness and genocide.
  • Unity consciousness and commoning.
  • Land value capture and commons trusts.
  • Jubilee justice public finance policies.
  • Guest Presenters: Kevin Annett (Canada) Lisinka Ulatowska (USA)
  • Go to:
Session Four: Economics of War and Peace
  • Land and resource wars.
  • Financial domination.
  • From “full spectrum dominance” to “full spectrum sharing.”
  • The money question.
  • Resource rent for public revenue.
  • Geo-confederation.
  • Earth rights democracy.
  • Guest Presenters: S. Brian Willson, Frank Dorrell, Fred Foldvary (all USA)
  • Go to:
Session Five: Sustainable Economics Local to Global
  • Financing the green economy - the Green Transition Scoreboard.
  • Holistic integrated green tax shift - Vermont Commons Assets for Public Finance.
  • The false housing shortage and what to do about it - Real Estate 4 Ransom.
  • The NINJA generation and new economics.
  • From the grand chessboard to the greatest game on earth.
  • Guest Presenters: Hazel Henderson (USA), Gary Flo (USA), Karl Fitzgerald (Australia)
  • Go to:
Produced by: The Conscious Evolution Teleseminar Group

To register for 2013 teleseminars contact: alanna {at} earthrights {dot} net

Comments about Economics of War and Peace:

AMAZING… very powerful! By far the best teleseminar I've heard yet. – Hunt Henion, Montana, USA

A really great presentation and the Slideshow was terrific… very well coordinated and put together. The proposals for peace are brilliant. – Rob Wheeler, Maryland, USA

I found the speakers very moving and now have a better understanding regarding the link between war and land. – Carmel Harty, Melbourne, Australia

The presentation was exceptional! Presenters were all very engaging and powerful. – Nancy Lea Speer, California

It was a beautiful session. - Samani Satya Pragya, Ladnun, India

Comments about Sustainable Economics Local to Global:

Great presenters, lots of good information. Good job on the slides too. Congratulations to all. - Dale Ironson, California

This was excellent! Very impressive work! – Meizhu Lui, Hawaii

Thank you sooo much. Fantastic conversation. - Karl Fitzgerald, Australia

Alanna and Wendell, I attended your teleseminar today. It was great! You two really do a wonderful job. – Ted Gwartney, California

Great webinar! – J.W. Smith, Arizona

This was the best seminar of all! – Bill Batt, New York

All three speakers were amazing! Know how grateful I am for the chance to learn from the amazing people you have invited to share their knowledge and interests with us. Thank you for a magnificent series and for giving us hope. – Ana Maria Rodriguez, Tasmania, Australia

Webcast was perfect technology. This is an invaluable resource and the content is stellar. I want to share the series with my local groups. – Myra Jackson, Washington, DC

Please forward to others who may be interested, thank you!

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