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For many years, Africa has been striving for unity and solidarity. Let our voices join with the African people in the urgent call for political and socio-economic integration of the continent.

By signing on to this campaign, you join the United African Congress and many who are sending a strong message to national leaders both in the US and in Africa.

This petition will be used as an advocacy tool by the United African Congress. Help push US policy to accelerate support for African unification.

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Call for African Unification!

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About Partnerships for a New Africa

Partnerships for a New Africa is the union of three nonprofit organizations to promote new enduring relationships with Africans worldwide by building capacity for sustainable economic development and healthy communities in Africa.

Partnerships for a New Africa also is an opportunity to meet prominent African leaders, celebrities, UN dignitaries, US politicians, grassroots organizers, and others of good will that participate in advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Founding Members

The United African Congress (UAC) is a national umbrella organization representing the interests of 3.5 million continental Africans residing in the US;

Earth Rights Institute is an organization dedicated to securing a culture of peace and justice by establishing dynamic worldwide networks, promoting policies and programs which further democratic rights to common heritage resources, and building ecological communities;

Necessity Housing is an organization dedicated to providing education required for building economically and environmentally sustainable villages in worldwide areas touched by different crises.

Learn more about our projects on the field: visit our websites by clicking on each organization’s name.

Join the African United Congress!

Join us and become part of this powerful network by supporting our efforts with your contribution, and be included in our access to over 3.5 million Africans, the UAC membership directory, web links, and an Internet presence. For more information, contact us at .