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Earth Rights Institute -- The Earth Belongs to Everyone
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About Earth Rights Institute

Mission Statement

Earth Rights Institute is dedicated to securing a culture of peace and justice by establishing dynamic worldwide networks of persons of goodwill and special skill, promoting policies and programs which further democratic rights to common heritage resources, and building ecological communities.


Alanna's Picture
Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director
Earth Rights Institute
Main Office
Box 328
Scotland, PA 17254 USA
Phone: 717-264-0957
Fax: 717-264-5036
Annie's Picture
Anne Goeke (de la Bouillerie), Co-Director
Earth Rights Institute
West Coast Office
PO Box 5404
Santa Monica, CA 90409 USA
Phone: 310-881-7265
Cell: 310-403-6693

Program Coordinators

Francis' Picture Project Coordinator for Nigeria USA
Francis Udisi

Gordon's Picture Program Coordinator for Nigeria
Gordon Abiama

Jean Claude's Picture Project Director for Democratic Republic of Congo
Fr. Jean Claude Atusameso

Board Members

Advisory Board


African Centre for Geoclassical Economics
UN Habitat Global Land Tool Network
Coalition for a Sustainable Africa
Jatukik Providence Foundation
Necessity Housing
Ethical Markets
The Niapele Project
Bonobo Conservation Initiative
International Union for Land Value Taxation
Prout Research Institute/Venezuela
EcoEarth Alliance
Gaia University
Global Ecovillage Network
Bayelsa State Government (Nigeria)
FREE Foundation, Nigeria
Council of Georgist Organizations
Sangha Fair Trade Store and Community Center
Corporate Council for Niger Delta Region
Books for Africa
Huairou Commission
Black Mesa Water Coalition
Jicarilla Apache Cultural Center
United Indians of All Tribes
Radical Middle

Affiliations: United Nations

  • UN Habitat Global Land Tool Network
  • UN Financing for Development NGO Caucus member
  • UN Economic and Social Council NGO status with International Union for Land Value Taxation
  • UN Commission for Sustainable Development NGO stakeholder with EcoEarth Alliance

Earth Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and all the LIFE which it supports, ONE PLANET, in our care, irreplaceable, with SUSTENANCE and RESPECT for ALL

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