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Marta Benavides

Marta benavides was born and raised in El Salvador. She is working and living in El Salvador, as a biologist, theologian, educator, permaculturist, ecologist.

Marta has worked all her life to manifest a culture of peace in her country and the world. She follows various UN processes under Commission of Social Development, Commission for Sustainable Development, Education for Sustainability, UNESCO Decade for Education for Culture of Peace, Decade of non Violence, Life long Learning. She has been involved with conflict transformation, resolution and mediation for about 20 years, participated in the process for political solution to the armed conflict in El Salvador 1980's to 1992

Marta Benavides works on social transformation through culture, culture of peace, long-life learning, is a member of various ecumenical and lay world processes for durable peace, she follows UN and UNESCO processes as part of the women, sustainable caucus, peace, and values caucuses. She is one of the 1000 peace women for the Nobel peace prize 2005 project, and recently has opened the center "CULTURE IS PEACE" and the "AHA" Folk Arts and Folk Cultures Museum, in Santa Ana, the second city of El Salvador, as a contribution to promote culture of peace, by educating on Global and Planetary Citizenship. During the civil war in her country she worked for a peaceful solution to the conflict and she created humanitarian, and human rights process to support those hurt by violent conflict.

Marta has experienced various exiles through out her life. She is part of the leadership of various networks at the national and international levels, both in secular and religious contexts, working on culture of peace, sustainability, inclusiveness, and women rights.

Marta holds many positions:

  • International Vice President - Agricultural Missions
  • Peace Building Unit - AFSC-USA
  • Co-Chair - Third World Coalition AFSC
  • Education Committee - Highlander Center - USA
  • Peace, Women, Values - UN Caucuses
  • In El Salvador: WILPF, Siglo XXIII, International Institute for Cooperation Amongst Peoples

    Marta is the recipient of various international awards. She is a recognized writer, and has published a number of articles and chapters in a variety of journals and books She speaks Spanish and English and creates butterfly and humming bird gardens in her country and abroad.