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December 2003 Updates

Niger Delta Fund Initiative 2003 Update

Much ground work has been done in Nigeria with our partner, Gordon Abiama. Local roundtable discussions were given in the Niger Delta region. The Odi development for ecovillage/ecocity project and a Bayelsa Renewable energy program have been introduced. Established an office in Lagos. Funds have been raised. Endorsement list has grown substantially and includes a broad base of Nigerian support. A successful press conference was held in Nigeria. The Institute has developed a good working relationship with officials of Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta, which produces 30% of the oil of Nigeria and a working partnership with Transparency International.

Earth Rights Institute presented NDFI at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, the World Social Forum in Port Alegre, Brazil and the UN Commission on Sustainable Development Conference (CSD 11) in New York, USA. Other African nations have expressed an interest in this resource rent model especially with Senegal, Ivory Coast and Congo.

Global 2005 Eco Expo and Green Forum in China
Earth Rights Institute is working with Chinese partners to assist in the overall conference structure and design. Will coordination international representatives and speakers to the Green Forum.

Peace, War and Natural Resource Rights Workshop in USA
Earth Rights Institute has designed, developed and presented this multi-media intensive workshop. The purpose is to assist local communities in their efforts to build a just, decentralized, sustainable and cooperative economy.