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Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

Books & Pamphlets on Earth Rights, Earthsharing, Economic Justice, Tax Reform & Urban Revival

Here is an excellent opportunity to understand the depth of analysis that informs paragraph 56, sections(e), (f) and (h) of Adequate Shelter for All of the Official Habitat Draft Agenda. Fiscal approaches to recapture land value and release hoarded land for shelter development were pioneered by the American writer and reformer, Henry George. The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation was created to promote George's approach to economic freedom and social justice. A 50-page free catalog of all our materials is available upon request.

  • Financing Planet Management: Sovereignty, World Order and the Earth Rights Imperative by Alanna Hartzok.

    The essential document presenting ground rent redistribution as essential to other efforts towards world peace and democracy. Includes "An International Declaration on Individual and Common Rights to Earth." (20 pages) $1.00

  • Progress and Poverty: An inquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and of increase of want with increase of wealth . . . The Remedy by Henry George. (Centenary edition. Preface by Agnes George de Mille.)

    The world's classic bestseller on economics and social reform, which inspired a global movement for economic justice and freedom, with the single tax on land rent as its key. (616 pgs) $15.00 hardcover. $8.00 paperback.

    Translations: French $3.00, Hebrew (abridged) $2.00, Italian $3.00, Korean (abridged) $2.00, Spanish (new edition) $6.00

  • Protection or Free Trade: An Examination of the Tariff Question, with Especial Regard to the Interests of Labor by Henry George.

    This classic by George was read into the Congressional Record of the United States -- and makes a well-reasoned and inspired case for socializing ground rent as essential to the equitable distribution of the benefits of free trade. (355 pgs) $12.00 hc. $8.00 pb. Translations: French $3.00, Spanish (new edition) $8.00

  • Social Problems by Henry George.

    In these twenty-two dynamic essays George prophesied how the closing of the American frontier would lead to housing and job shortages, the rise of corporations, agribusiness, pollution, and the relentless increase of poverty and its threat to world peace. This popular collection is an excellent introduction to the wide scope of George's ideas. (310 pgs) $12.00 hc. $8.00 pb. Spanish translation (new edition) $7.00

THE NEW "GEORGIST PARADIGM" SERIES: Published by Shepheard-Walwyn, London

  • The Corruption of Economics by Mason Gaffney and Fred Harrison.

    How neo-classical economics protected vested monopoly interests and prevented governments from adopting policies that would yield prosperity for all, and silenced the democratic dialogue begun by Henry George. The consequences of failed neo-classical policies run throughout the history of the 20th century. (272 pgs) $45.00 hc. $19.95 pb.

  • Land and Taxation edited by Nicolaus Tideman.

    "Geoclassical" analysis shows how taxes on income and expenditure can be abolished by raising public revenue from the natural source, land. (182 pgs) $55.00 hc. $24.95 pb.

  • A Philosophy for a Fair Society by Michael Hudson, G. J. Miller and Kris Feder.

    Historical theory, medical evidence and the Georgist paradigm are incorporated in this critique of governmental failure and challenge to shake off the economic orthodoxy which puts societies in crisis. (178 pgs) $42.50 hc. $18.95 pb.

  • Commons Without Tragedy: The Social Ecology of Land Tenure and Demography edited by Robert V. Andelson.

    Seven essays on ecology, population, and the future, including one by Garret Hardin, whose famous "Tragedy of the Commons" complements the analysis of Henry George. How our common heritage can be shared, used, and protected for the future. (210 pgs) $54.00 hc. Please note: We can only offer 15% off this title.

  • Costing the Earth edited by Ronald Banks.

    Who owns Earth, what's it worth? Ten authors address the ecological and economic crises caused by imperfections in the land market. How and why sustainable development begins with appraising the value of our natural resources: costing the Earth. (195 pgs) $10.00 pb. Note: Only 10% off this title.

  • Now the Synthesis: Capitalism, Socialism, and the New Social Contract edited by Richard Noyes.

    A collection of conference papers in which East meets West. Among the authors are three Nobel-winning economists who endorse a new paradigm to meet the challenges of the 21st century. (247 pgs) $29.95 hc.

  • Tolstoy: Principles for a New World Order by David Redfearn. Foreword by Dr. Natoly Gorelov, Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

    Tolstoy's economic thinking was greatly influenced by Henry George, and is even more relevant today to post- Marxist Russia, the industrialized West, and the Third World. (196 pgs) $18.95 pb.

More Titles of Interest: History, Philosophy, Public Policy, Theology

  • Cities and Greed: Taxes, Inflation and Land Speculation by Francis K. Peddle (Canadian Research Committee on Taxation)

    How land price increases help cause economic recessions, and how urban government can be reformed to both reduce taxes and finance itself from activities that benefit the community. (255 pgs) $14.95 pb.

  • From Wasteland to Promised Land: Liberation Theology for a Post-Marxist World by Robert V. Andelson and James M. Dawsey. (Orbis Books)

    A philosopher and a theologian show why and how fiscal reform, not violent revolution, is the best way to implement the Biblical call to social justice in Latin America. (200 pgs) $16.95 pb.

  • George and Democracy in the British Isles: The American Social Philosopher Helped Form Britain's Social Conscience, Inspired the People's Struggle That Overthrew the Lords' Political Power and Launched Ireland's March toward Freedom.

    By various economists, historians, and other social scientists. Edited by Will Lissner and Dorothy Burnham Lissner. From the pages of The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. (528 pgs) $12.00 pb.

  • Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism by Dr. Robert V. Andelson.

    A new and eloquent exposition of George's "Middle Way" between socialism and capitalism. (30 pages) $2.00 pb.

  • The Role of Ground Rent in Urban Decay and Revival: How to Revitalize a Failing City by Mason Gaffney, Professor of Economics, University of California at Riverside.

    Property taxation, the power to destroy or to redeem, is the key. A thorough and well-written presentation. (16 pages) Large format booklet. $.50

  • Ethical Land Tenure: Interreligious Resource Directory.

    Eight oversized pages of essays, quotations, and listings of organizations, books and other educational materials. (8 pgs) Large format booklet. $.50

  • Speeches by Henry George.

    The theological roots of George's ethical economics find expression in many of these articles, first delivered by George at various occasions around the world: California, New York, Ireland, Australia... Small booklets: Ten in English. Five in Spanish translation: $.30 each


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