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Humanitarian Aid Donation Form

I would like to support the work of Earth Rights Institute

Earth Rights Institute has organized shipments of donations to Africa for educational, medical and sustainable development purposes. We bring together USA donor organizations and individuals, dedicated to uplifting the living standards of the poor worldwide, to support our African communities by bringing hope and resources to improve their lives. Together with our partners, we are finding ways to continue this important program.

We welcome your interest to become a donor for our humanitarian aid program.

Please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Street Address:
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Areas of Interests:
Goods to donate(quantity, conditions and when available):
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Or contact us at:

Annie Goeke
West Coast Earth Rights Institute
PO Box 5404, Santa Monica, CA 90409
Alanna Hartzok
East Coast Earth Rights Institute
PO Box 328, Scotland, PA 17254
717-264-0957 or Fax 717-264-5036

Thank you for your Interest!

The Earth Belongs to Everyone