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Partners & Sponsors

African Centre for Geoclassical Economics

African Network Environmental & Economic Justice

Bayelsa State Government (Nigeria)

Better World Fund

Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Books for Africa, USA

Built With Nature

Citizens for a UN Peopleís Assembly

Coalition for Sustainable Africa

CORE-LA and World Congress

Corporate Council for Niger Delta

Council of Georgist Organizations

EcoEarth Alliance

Ethical Marketplace

FREE Foundation, Nigeria

Foundation for the Progress of Humanity

Geonomics Forum

Global Ecovillage Network

Heartfelt Foundation

Henry George Institute

Institute for Economic Democracy Press

International Union for Land Value Taxation

Jatukik Providence Foundation

Macerich Company

Necessity Housing

Paragon Institute

Project Hope USA

Prosper Australia

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

Sangha Fair Trade & Community Center

Sustainable Energy Africa

Tet Ansanm Fund of Tides Foundation

Transparency International

UN HabitatóGlobal Land Tool Network

Wheels for Humanity

Earth Rights Institute is a NGO stakeholder of the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development, an EcoEarth Alliance partner, and a member organization of the International Union for Land Value Taxation, a UN NGO affiliated with both DPI, the Department of Public Information and ECOSOC, the Economic and Social Council.

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The Earth Belongs to Everyone